Pastry Class at e5bakehouse

Last week, I decided to get my hands dirty in a delicious way, with e5's brand new pastry class.  The class was an all day event, from 11:00 - 5:30, filled with some hard work, delicious foods, and wonderful company.  

One of my favourite things about the class, was the wonderful mix of people.  All different age, size, gender, and backgrounds were mixed together in a unique environment.  Lunch time was such a treat sitting around a table full of DELICIOUS, organic, and fresh foods making friends with 9 complete strangers.      

Best part of the day:  Going home with FIVE different types of cakes that you spent the day making!

You can book yourself into this class here, or check out the other classes that e5 Bakehouse offers here!

New exclusive KANA LONDON collection!

We are thrilled to show off the GORGEOUS new collection of plates, bowls, and spoons available exclusively at the WeAreArrow shop!  Each glaze is hand mixed by Ana, giving each piece a truly unique and distinct feel.  This collection features muted tones, and organic shapes mixed with flat edges.  Stunning!